David J Rodriguez

I work in San Francisco at Livefyre, a conversation and engagement platform for publishers, brands, and consumers.

I am also a Venture Associate at Greycroft Partners, a venture capital fund focused on investing in early stage digital media companies.

For shorter form content, follow me on Twitter here: @davidjrodriguez.

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I’m extremely excited to announce that I am joining the Livefyre team.

Livefyre is a conversation platform that powers conversation and social engagement on the websites of some of the largest publishers and brands in the world. That’s exciting in itself, but I’m also joining because of what’s next- the opportunities that exist at the intersection of big data, consumer, social, and the real-time web. What the Livefyre team has in the pipeline is absolutely amazing.

I met Jordan Kretchmer, CEO of Livefyre, exactly a year ago at SXSW in Austin. After getting to know him over the course of that weekend, I was blown away by Jordan, his vision, and the Livefyre platform. Over the next several months, I had the pleasure of working with my colleagues at Greycroft to lead Livefyre’s Series B financing. Since then, I’ve been a board observer at Livefyre and have had a tremendous experience working with Jordan as he has built the company from around 10 people a year ago to an amazing team of over 30 people today. The next chapter of my involvement with Livefyre will be as Senior Vice President where I will lead operations, finance, and strategy.

Fortunately, I won’t be moving on from Greycroft entirely. I’ll continue to work with several companies in the Greycroft portfolio as a Venture Associate. My experience at Greycroft has been one of the richest of my career so far from both a professional development and personal enjoyment perspective. I’ve learned an unbelievable amount under the mentorship of Alan Patricof, Ian Sigalow, and Dana Settle, and it’s been a blast working with everyone on the team. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to continue working with such a great team.

If you are at SXSW over the next few days, please drop me a note so we can catch up. One place you’ll be able to find me is at Livefyre’s Fyrebash on Sunday night. RSVP to the invite here and come by.

And for good measure, please leave a comment below. After all, the comment stream is powered by an amazing company – Livefyre!

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